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Here are some very helpful links for Shipwatchers around the world. Just click on the hyperlink, and you will soon be enjoying the best the 'net has to offer about ships, maritime industry, and lighthouses.

Some Great Lakes & Worldwide Shipping Sites, Including Places to Stay!
Kings On The Canal Bed & Breakfast

*NEW*  Here's a first!  A family owned Bed & Breakfast on the Welland Canal - a mere 350 feet from Lock 7!  Watch ships from all over the world from your room, including whirlpool suite, on the grounds, or under the 30 year old maple tree!  A gourmet feast awaits you for a day of boatwatching in the morning to chase the boats!

30 Chapel Street, South                 Thorold,  Ontario                                        Phone: (905) 680-4777

Florian Horch's Ship Page (Cuxhaven, Germany): Here's a really COOL page! Florian has been into ships since he was very young. Many stories, pix, and links from Germany. He lives on the Elbe river which flows into Hamburg - a huge port! He sees the some of the same boats that come to the lakes! Give it a check! Great site Florian!

Gert Van Vooren's Western Scheldt River (Belgium) Ship Page: A Look at shipping from the world's 4 largest port in Belgium. Many pictures of the boats and links. Go Check this one out!

Przemek's Polish Ship Page: That's right - a shipwatching page from Poland! This site is Great! Done by a cadet - has many pictures including inside the boats! A must see!
***NEW INFORMATION: Due to constraints placed on this server for links to other countries - you now have to type in the URL (web page name) into your browser to get there from here...The site is:
Sorry for any problems this may have caused - especially to Przemek...

Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping Page The Grandaddy of ALL Great Lakes and Seaway shipping web pages. Has many photos, transit pages, Information News Post, Daily shipping news, and Much more all geared to the shipwatching enthusiast.

Saginaw River Freighters - By Todd Shorkey Another EXCELLENT site! Todd lives right near the Saginaw River; and he shows the many the boats that ply it! Many pictures; and you can even do a slide show of them, along with a bunch of other features! A definite 2 thumbs up, and a MUST SEE - Check it out!!!!

3-D Model of the EDMUND FITZGERALD - By: Matt Duncan ***UPDATED!***
REALLY COOL site! Here is a 3 dimensional model, being made of the FITZ. I don't kow how he does it - but it looks neat - more and more details everyday! Go check it out! Well worth the *click* - 2 thumbs up! Keep up the Cool work Matt!

Peter's Shipping Page - Germany Here's a really neat site from Germany; it's in German, but if you can understand it, the page is great! Many links as well to ship photo collections around the world. Great Page Peter - can't wait to see more!

The M/V Saturn - By John Brightman (Chief Engineer) EXCELLENT site about one of my all time favorites: The M/V Saturn (Tanker) written by a member of her crew! Takes you on a virtual tour and gives specs for the boat. Also included is "Views from a Porthole" - Be sure to check this one out!

Justin Kreimes' Ship Page Many of the US Fleets with pictures from the Soo area. Justin has info and data on the boats, and continues to build. Also has a tribute to the crew of the JW Wescott II. Keep up the Great work! Go Check it out!

Great Lakes Ships.Com William Burnett's Page of Great Lakes Ships, the Edmund Fitgerald, and even some RR information and pictures. William lives near the cold port of Duluth, MN, and has quite a few layup shots. Highly recommended! Keep 'em coming William!

Christian Costa's Ship Page (Germany) Another Great site out of Germany, in English! Christian has some great pictures, and links! A true find to see how shipping is on the other side of the ol' Atlantic! Great work Christian!

John's Great Lakes Ship Profiles: You have to check this page out! Very Highly detailed profiles of all types of great lakes ships, with more to come! Available for prints...Check him out! You won't be sorry!

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