Onboard Salty Pictures #2
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Here are some more pictures while I was aboard the M/V IRA.

They are all thumbnailed, so just click to enlarge! The page may load a little slow, so please be patient!

The Stack right up next to it on the top most deck, overlooking Oswego Harbor. Notice the Oswego Pier Head Lighthouse in the distance on the breakwall. You could see forever!
The Stern of The IRA taken from the pier after we had left.

Our "Tour Guide", who was the radio man, his name was Nacheekey (or something close to that!). He was from the Phillipines and told us he had been at sea almost 11 months at that point and was headed back to the Phillipines after this voyage into the lakes. Thanks for the GREAT tour my friend!
A picture of your Very EXCITED webmaster (ME!!) on the deck of the IRA just after coming up the gang plank. Do I look happy or what?!

Be Sure to check back Soon for pictures onboard the M/V Oglebay Norton, S.S. William Mather, and some US Military Vessels as well!

How Many Have Been Aboard??