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Below is a listing of all items that are currently for sale. ALL items are originals, and we can provide a COA at your request. Browse through the Items listed as we are sure there is something here for everyone! All items are subject to prior sale.

FIRST TIME BUYERS: Receive 10% off your merchandise order(not shipping though or already reduced items). *RC Freighter model excluded - Consignment Item*


Mail to:


Miesener Lines Desk Flag - Blue flag with Miesener Emblem on it in gold.....7


Ships of The Great Lakes Screensaver Vol.1: 30 Images of ships from throughout the lakes in screensaver form - WINDOWS Only! "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" plays in the background as well! Can password protect for added safety. Installation Instructions Included.....12 *SALE: 10*

NDC Publication #6: Year 2000 - TONS of shipping data for the USA - Has info about every vessel in the USA and Ports, waterways, etc! A Must Have!.....REDUCED to 5

Lighthouses of The Great Lakes Screensaver: WINDOWS Only! Lighthouses of the Lakes and some Atlantic Seaboard - 10 USD (*NEW*)

Great Lakes Shipping Company and Traffic Monitoring Web Site List: As a reporter for, this list was invaluable to me. Worldwide shipping sites (Many US and Canada) to help you track that elusive vessel! 300+ Sites. Specify 3.5" Floppy (Requires MS EXCEL) or hard copy (printed).....5


UNUSED Canada Steamship Lines Receipts for purchases from a vessel. From SS FORT HENRY Available Singly (2) or in books of 10 for 10.00


Canadian Shipping Company "Black List": List of mariner's who have been disciplined, including infractions of seamen (10 Pages).....12 *SALE* for 10

Inward Foreign Manifest (1978): Original Sheets with Carbons - Multiple Dates Available, Average 3 Pages Long - Must buy whole Manifest (ALL Pages) - Serious Inquiries - Email for Info.

General Declaration Document from Canada Customs (From SS FORT HENRY): From 1978 Season, has original Signatures and carbons for Customs Clearance of paper Products.....Serious Inquiries - Email for Info.


American Ship Review 2000 (Published January, 2001)UNREAD.....5

American Tug Review 2000 (Published January 2001)UNREAD.....5

CompuShip - Various Issues - Still Sealed with inserts in original mailer.....10 (FYI: Publ. Price: 25 per issue)

Professional Mariner - Various Issues - UNREAD.....5


Thousand Island SUN Newspaper Employee Christmas Gift (2001): Ferry NIGHTINGALE (1911) with history of ship. Size: 11"X17".....5

Thousand Island SUN Newspaper Employee Christmas Gift (1997): PIERREPONT at dock in Clayton, NY. Print is from turn of the century. Size: 11"x17".....5

The Lakers (1999)(Cargo Ships): Wall Calendar style; a new ship every month.....5

MERCY Ships Line (2001): Wall Calendar Type - Shows their ships at sea and various scenes (15 months of pictures).....7


Derby Wharf Lighthouse (Salem,MA)

Seaway Queen


Agawa Canyon (has scalloped edge)

Indiana Harbor-loading coal-Super size card (2 USD)

Burns Harbor going under the Mackinaw bridge overlooking deck at night - time lapse shot with lights...COOL!

Salty going under drawbridge on Welland Canal *SOLD OUT*

HM Griffith in Lock - looking down side of boat towards the bow, with inset of stern shot

HM Griffith as above, only has lettering "WELLAND CANAL" on it

Flight Locks (Welland Canal) taken from Glendale Bridge-ULS boat exiting lock, salty in lock, other boats in basin

Aerial View of Lock #3 with straight deck Paterson Boat entering lock *SOLD OUT*

CSL Generic ship unloading into hopper-perspective from unloading boom (computerized card)

Manitoulin (Painting) in stormy seas *SOLD OUT*

Bruce Angus (ULS Line): says:"St. Catherine's" on bottom-scalloped edge-older (3 USD)

Halifax cutting through ice - TOUGH LOOKING!

2 CSL ships unloading piggyback style into a super size ship in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Jean Parisien in fog

Louis R. Desmaires - Computerized Card

Staten Island Ferry in front of Statue of Liberty



Line for tying off from M/V TARANTAU ~4" dia. Comes with COA-presently being scrapped in Port Colborne, ON. Price: 1.50 USD *SALE* 1.00 USD per foot


Misener Line Patch - ~2"x4" rectangle patch, says "MISENER"in blue, and has yellow crowns below it, blue border and white field. Price: *SALE* 9

HAT: M/V FERBEC (CSL): Black with logo and red velvet band around brim edge (crew baseball style hat). NEVER WORN. Price: Reduced to: 11 *SOLD OUT*


American Steamship Lines (ASC) "Adopt a Ship" Self Unloader paperweight model (6"x2"x2" high) - sealed in original packaging. Price: *SALE* 5 USD

TOWPATH BREWERY ITEMS: Has canal barge head on shot art work on labeling.

Growler: Brown Glass with white emblem on it (UNUSED & EMPTY!)-Inquire

Bottles with aforementioned artwork (12 oz. size) Many Colors (EMPTY! with cap). Price: 1 USD

Packaging Box with artwork as above: 6 pack holder size, UNUSED Box type. Price: 1 USD


Package Freighter with RC unit inside - NO handheld unit - BUT RC UNIT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Comes in Plexiglass Display case - 56" long, ENTIRELY HANDMADE! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! Price: 500 USD + freight, or pickup in Syracuse, NY (Video Available-Inquire)

VIDEO TAPES: Seaway ships in action Volume #1,2,3,4,&5: Shows ships on the lakes and Welland Canal in action; moving, locking, unloading, loading, etc. Has sounds of the boats as they happen and radio traffic as well. 2 Hours Long. VHS Format. Price: 20 USD (Email for further details)


Vessel, Lighthouse, Historical, and other research available.  Useful in model making, recreations, geneaology, etc.  The list goes on and on!  Please email with requests.  239.00 USD per hour plus any expenses and materials (i.e.: film, video tape, digital cards to be sent to you, archival fees, etc.) acquired.  FREE Mileage within 50 (fifty) miles of Syracuse, NY


Photograph List, Video Tape Details & a few surprises!

TERMS OF SALE: ALL items are subject to prior sale.  Invoicing by us, and/or past due accounts are charged an initial $25.00 USD fee plus 2.1% interest (about 25%) - or 25% of goods and/or services - whichever is HIGHER (this includes the fee and interest _ NO EXCEPTIONS!!!) References are available, and I encourage you to use them. New (first time) buyers receive 10% off merchandise ONLY - not postage. Email or other contact locks you in as first person to buy, payment must be recived in reasonable time period-NO EXCEPTIONS! If not received in a timely manner and others have inquired, the items willbe sold to "waiting list" people, and your envelope returned unopened, or refund given if ordering multiple items. NO COST for "handling fees" etc. you pay the postage from Syracuse, NY. ALL packages sent next BUISNESS day for payment received in Money Orders (Prefer US PO type), Bank Drafts, or cash (at your risk-not recommended). Personal checks will be held UNTIL CLEARED BY MY BANK (has taken up to 15 WORKING days-3 weeks!). I encourage, though do NOT require, Priority Mail, Insurance and Delivery Confirmation so we can both trace packages. NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY MANNER FOR UNINSURED ITEMS!!! ALL items shipped via US Postal Service...Only exception - RC FREIGHTER - NONE OTHER.

CANADIAN RESIDENTS: While we like to share our wares with you, we have run into numerous problems in the past shipping to Canada. Therefore, unfortunately, we have had to come up with the following policies pertaining to Canadian Orders:

ONLY Canada Post MONEY ORDERS drawn in US Funds are acceptable (Effective 1/1/02 there will be a .50 USD Service Charge for Canadian MO's - this is the actual cost my bank charges me.) If you would like to save the Service Charge we do accept US CASH (at your risk) for the actual amount. IF YOU KNOW and SEE someone in the US regularly - we can send the item to them, and you can receive it from them - this has worked quite well recently. Regretfully, we have to add these conditions, and are hoping to find a bank that does not have these "Service Fees". We need an actual street address as well as a PO Box if you use one. Items will be shipped with all correct customs documents - PLEASE do NOT ask us to list item as an "unsolicited item OR gift"-It's against US Postal Regulations. ALL items require DELIVERY CONFIRMATION and INSURANCE...ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE Terms. We are sorry to implement these terms, however a few people have ruined it for all - but we still like are Canadian Neighbors, and have many repeat customers from "up North", so feel free to utilize our services!

Keep checking back as this list will be updated often with new items!

Happy Boatwatching!

Thomas E.M. Moriarty - Webmaster


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